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Weekly “Pinspiration”: 10 Ways Book Lovers Can Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect platform for book lovers: it enables us to see what’s already on our bookshelves, to collaborate on boards with other bibliophiles, and to plan ahead for the titles we’d like to read next. Many users already take advantage of the default “Books Worth Reading” board that Pinterest provides, but here are ten other ways that bookworms can use Pinterest:
1. Create a bookshelf board. It may take some time to curate — especially if you own a lot of books — but how fun to have a virtual pinboard of all the books you own? You get to see them on your shelves and on your eReader, but there’s something fun about seeing the covers pinned all in one place.
2. Use Pinterest as your book journal. A few months ago, there was a great piece in The Wall Street Journal about keeping a book journal. It urged avid readers (and not-so-avid readers) to keep a running list of the books they’ve read, even if it’s just as simple as the title, author, date completed, and a brief line or two to jog your memory (I’m definitely guilty of looking at certain books on my shelf and thinking, I remember reading this and really liking it but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about…) With Pinterest, you can easily create a visual book journal in the form of a pinboard. Why not note in the comment box the date you read it and a line or two about the plot?
3. Keep track of book recommendations. All too often I find myself talking to friends or family members (or even total strangers) about books– which ones we’ve read lately, which ones we want to read next, which ones are on The New York Times bestseller list. Why not wrap all these recommendations into a pinboard? It’s a great way to keep track of book suggestions– a visual reminder of the exciting options available. You can even go so far as to create boards based on genre or source (e.g. Bestsellers or Book Club Suggestions). Note in the comments of your pin who recommended each book.
4. Pin your favorite book-inspired sculptures, furniture, decor, accessories, and works of art. People re-purpose books in brilliant ways, and Pinterest is a great place to collect your favorites. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come across some ideas you can re-create.
5. Are you a Hunger Games superfan? Love Harry Potter so much you’d pack up and move to Hogwarts in a heartbeat? Luckily for you, Pinterest is teeming with Hunger Games and Harry Potter-inspired pins: crafts, dolls, nail art, jewelry, and even edibles, from Hunger Games cupcakes to Harry Potter bento boxes. Check out this “Expecto Patronum” board for some pinspiration.
6. Everyone needs a mental vacation every once in a while. One of my favorite ways to escape is to browse photos of international bookstores. From tiny Parisian shops to Mediterranean stores overlooking the sea, looking at photos that combine books and travel is a surefire way to cheer myself up.
7. Collect your favorite libraries all on one board. Maybe you love the architecture of big public libraries or dream of having a home library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves à la Beauty & the Beast. Either way, Pinterest is a treasure trove of beautiful libraries worth pinning. (Sliding bookshelf leading to a secret passage, anyone?)
8. I’ve never been very creative when it comes to storing books. For me, standard shelves and bookcases have always done the trick. But then I joined Pinterest and discovered the endlessly cool and creative ways in which other people display their books: there are shelves of all shapes (yes, that’s as Dr. Seuss-like as it sounds), shelves that look like wall art, and what I like to call “meta-bookshelves” (bookshelves made of books.) A personal favorite? This bookshelf, which spells out READ.
9. Pin quotes from your favorite books. No better place to turn for a quick pick-me-up! (Unless, of course, you’re looking at pictures of gorgeous libraries…)
10. Forget categorizing. Create a massive bookworm board filled with all the book-related images you love. Who says there has to be a specific theme to your board? So long as the board inspires you, that’s all that matters.