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A classroom offers challenges no matter how long you have been teaching. Don’t let empty bookshelves be one of them. Whether you are a veteran teacher, just starting out or a librarian, Scholastic offers a collection of fun and engaging titles that have been specially curated for students of various grades and reading levels. Available for Early Years and Primary levels, our Library Collections offer a multitude of interests, authors and genres including classics, fantasy, informational and more!

Don’t lose a minute of reading opportunity; get your students hooked on reading with independent reading titles they want to read from the first day of school to the last. 


Why Should I Have A Library Collection?

Benefits include:

  • Supporting literacy instruction at school and at home
  • Helping students learn about books
  • Allowing students to explore and interact with the books
  • Providing opportunities for independent reading and curricular extensions

Library Collections For Early Years

Our collection is divided by themes that include a variety of titles from different authors and genres including classics, fantasy, informational and more!


 Titles in this collection
 Scholastic Reader Level 1: The Sea Monster
 This & That
 Possum Magic
 Battle Bunny
 Boy + Bot
 The Bully From The Black Lagoon
 Clifford Takes A Trip
 David Gets In Trouble
 The First Journey
 Hands Off My Honey!


 Titles in this collection
 Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas
 Discovering My World Set #5: Life Cycles Theme Book #1 - From Caterpillar
 Prina The Pangolin
 Life At The Pond
 No Way! This Is A Crocodile
 No Way! This Is A Kitten
 Scholastic Reader Level 2: Frogs
 Could A Shark Do Gymnastics?
 Could An Octopus Climb A Skyscraper?
 Could A Whale Swim To The Moon?


 Titles in this collection
 Meet Bodhi And Friends
 A Splendid Friend, Indeed
 I Wanna Be A Great Big Dinosaur
 Fox And Squirrel
 Are We Still Friends?
 The Very Cranky Bear
 Wandering Off
 When You Need A Friend
 Adventures Of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend


 Titles in this collection
 ABCs Of Thanks And Please
 Be Fair And Share (Cubby Lessons)
 How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?
 Look And Be Grateful
 Cliffords Manners
 Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners
 Martha Doesn't Share
 May I Please Have A Cookie
 What Does It Mean To Be Kind?
 Little Critter: I Am Helping


 Titles in this collection
 What Does It Mean To Be Green?
 Why Should I Save Water?
 Magic School Bus Science Reader: Gets Recycled
 Curious George Rain Or Shine
 I Am Planet Earth
 The Garden That We Grew
 The Earth Book
 Our Earth
 Robin Hill School: Earth Day
 Curious George Discovers The Ocean


 Titles in this collection
 Curious George Discovers Plants
 Magic School Bus: Plants Seeds #4 - A Book About How Living Things Grow
 National Geographic Readers: Plants
 Amazing Plant Powers: How Plants Fly, Fight, Hide, Hunt, And Change The World
 How Plants Grow
 Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed The Seas
 The Tiny Seed
 Nature's Miracles: Once There Was A Seed
 We're Going On A Nature Hunt
 Curious George Plants A Seed (Reader Level 1)


 Titles in this collection
 Planet Kindergarten
 Clifford Goes To Kindergarten
 Countdown To Kindergarten
 Kindergarten Rules!
 Off To Kindergarten
 The Pout-Pout Fish Goes To School
 Preschool Day Hooray!
 Scholastic Reader Level 2: 100th Day Of School
 Last Day, Hooray
 Kindergarten Kids: On Our Way To First Grade


 Titles in this collection
 A Drop Of Water: A Book Of Science And Wonder
 Magic School Bus Science Reader: Blasts Into Space
 National Geographic Reader Level 3: Water
 Simple Machines: Wheels, Levers, And Pulleys
 Machines We Use
 Things That Float And Things That Don't
 Could An Octopus Climb A Skyscraper?
 Magic School Bus Science Reader: The Magic School Bus Fixes A Bone
 Science Sight Word Readers #19: 5 Senses
 Fly Guy Presents: Weather


 Titles in this collection
 The, First Day Of Winter
 And Then It's Spring
 Leaf Jumpers
 Pick A Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest Of Shapes
 Magic School Bus Science Reader: Sleeps For The Winter (Level 2)
 Summer Wonders
 Story Of Snow, The : Science Of Winter's Wonder
 How Do You Know It's Summer?
 Picture A Tree
 All Year Round


 Titles in this collection
 Calling All Cars
 Planes, Trains And Cars
 Trains Can Float And Other Fun Facts
 Lego City: Fix That Truck!
 Lego City: Mystery On The Lego Express
 The Little School Bus
 National Geographic Kids Look & Learn: Things That Go!
 National Geographic Reader Level 1: Trains
 Car Safety
 All Kinds Of Boats


Library Collections For Primary

Our collection is divided by themes that include a variety of titles from different authors and genres including classics, fantasy, informational and more!


 Titles in this collection
 Jake's #4: Jake's Great Game
 Lily Chases Lost Dreams
 Puppy Trouble
 10th Anniversary Special Edition: The Little Book Of Happiness                                                 
 If Kids Ran The World
 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World
 Ruby The Copycat
 A Bad Case Of Stripes
 Magic School Bus Science Reader: Gets Recycled
 Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners


 Titles in this collection
 Book Uncle And Me
 The Rescue Princesses #9: The Silver Locket
 Fly Guy #9: Buzz Boy And Fly Guy
 The Great Storyteller
 Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot #1
 Judy Moody And Friends: Amy Namey In Ace Reporter
 Thea Stilton Mouseford Academy #6: A Mouseford Musical
 The Amazing Stardust Friends#2: Be A Star!
 Ella & Olivia: Best Friends Showdown
 Fashion Fairy Princess: Pip In Jewel Forest


 Titles in this collection
 Magic Tree House #34 Season Of The Sandstorms
 The 39 Clues: Doublecross Book 2: Mission Hindenburg
 The Bad Guys - Episode 1: The Bad Guys
 Captain Underpants: The Preposterous Plight Of The Purple Potty People
 Dragon Masters #1: Rise Of The Earth Dragon
 Disaster Strikes #1: Earthquake Shock
 Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales #6: Moby Dick
 Key Hunters #1: The Mysterious Moonstone
 You Be The Detective
 Pip Street 2: A Crumpety Calamity


 Titles in this collection
 I Even Funnier
 Public School Superhero
 My New Best Friend
 Magic School Bus: Dinosaur Detective
 Thea Stilton Mouseford Academy #4: Dance Challenge
 Princess Disgrace 3: Third Term At Tall Towers
 The Last Holiday Concert
 A Whole Lot Of Lucky
 Bobby Vs Girls (Accidentally)
 Charmed Life #4: Hannah's Bright Star


 Titles in this collection
 What Things Mean
 Ella Diaries: Ballet Backflip
 Whatever After #5: Bad Hair Day
 Life On Mars
 Goosebumps: Hall Of Horrors #6: The Birthday Party Of No Ret
 The Spider Ring
 Wings Of Fire Book Three: The Hidden Kingdom
 Pieces And Players
 The Bravest Princess: A Tale Of The Wideawake Princess
 The 39 Clues: The Black Book Of Buried Secrets


 Titles in this collection
 Wings Of Fire Book One: The Dragonet Prophecy
 Hypnotists Book The #2: Memory Maze
 Floors #2: 3 Below
 Nicholas St. North And The Battle Of The Nightmare King
 Unlocking The Spell
 Goosebumps: Hall Of Horrors #4: Why I Quit Zombie School
 Heroes Of Olympus The #2: The Son Of Neptune
 Sin Eater's Daughter
 Fairy Tale Reform School: Charmed


 Titles in this collection
 The Truth About Twinkie Pie
 Sula's Voyage
 Wednesday Wars
 My Life As A Book
 Strings Attached
 Hold Fast
 Becoming Naomi Leon
 What`s Your Status? A Top 8 Novel
 Millicent Min, Girl Genius
 Freak The Mighty


 Titles in this collection
 The Heroes Of Olympus #4: The House Of Hades
 Last Descendants: An Assassin's Creed Novel Series
 The Neptune Project
 Rump: The True Story Of Rumpelstiltskin
 Silver Eyes
 Girl, Stolen
 The Bar Code Tattoo
 The Last Summer Of The Death Warriors


 Titles in this collection
 The Homework Machine
 Drawing From Memory
 10 True Tales: Secret Agent
 Seymour Simon's Top 50 Questions Readers: Wild Earth
 Lawn Boy
 The Library Card
 Flat Broke
 Haunted Pets
 The Odyssey Of Flight 33


 Titles in this collection
 Raven Cycle: #3 Blue Lily, Lily Blue
 The Body In The Woods
 The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die
 Marcelo In The Real World
 The Rule Of Three
 Cleopatra`s Moon
 The Tyrant's Daughter
 Epitaph Road