Scholastic Digital Classroom Resources


Scholastic Digital Classroom Resources

Scholastic Online Assessment of Reading uses computer-adaptive testing to assess student reading comprehension and provide actionable data for educators to monitor progress, target instruction and match students to books.

Grolier Online is a comprehensive resource for student reports and projects that includes magazines, global newspapers, biographies and interactive maps – with search results customized to student level.

BookFlix is a literacy resource that pairs fictional video storybooks with related non - fiction eBooks to build a love of reading and learning in every child.

Scholastic Literacy Pro™ makes testing meaningful and actionable. Data for educators and a personalized independent reading program motivate students to become successful readers. Powered by Lexile®.

TrueFlix leverages award-winning non-fiction True Books with topic-area videos, audio, images and text to help students hone literacy skills and build knowledge.

Expand your classroom library with Literacy Pro Library, a simple-to-use eBook platform that develops young readers. Over 800 engaging fiction and non-fiction titles for ages 5 to 10.

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