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Scholastic Reading Programmes

Scholastic Reading Programmes

Surrounding students with a wide variety of leveled literature and nonfiction texts in the classroom, in the school library and at home is a great start to creating lifelong readers. Scholastic has a huge database of Lexile-measured books that allows easy matching of books to students' Lexile scores. Providing students immediate access to their 'just-right' readers motivates them to continue reading.

Featured Reading Resources


BookFlix is an online literacy resource that pairs interactive, video fiction story books with related non-fiction ebooks from Scholastic. BookFlix engages young students, reinforces reading skills and introduces students to a world of knowledge and exploration.


TrueFlix is an online resource that leverages the award-winning True Book content to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content in science and social studies and cultivate 21st century skills through the inquiry process.

Everyday Book Box
Everyday Book Box

Everyday Book Box is a great-value collection of books that includes fiction and non-fiction titles for independent reading and for developing fluency. Brightly coloured illustrations and photos help students develop vocabulary and build comprehension skills.

Guided Reading Programs

Guided Reading Programs are comprehensive reading programmes that integrate guided instruction, assessment and independent practice into the classroom by offering a wide range of outstanding leveled books and teaching materials.

Matching Students to Books

  • Lexile Level
  • 100 L
  • 200 L
  • 300 L
  • 400 L
  • 500 L
  • 600 L
  • 700 L
  • 800 L
  • 900 L
  • 1000 L
  • 1100 L
  • 1200 L
  • 1300 L
  • 1400 L
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