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100 Must Reads

Scholastic 100 Must-reads

To celebrate Scholastic’s 100th Anniversary, we’ve curated 100 of our bestselling and award-winning books for children of all ages! Transform your child into a life-long reader with these engaging reads that expand knowledge, build character and boost language growth.

Grow the Love of Reading with Read-alouds

Reading aloud is an activity in which parents read aloud to the child, or the child reads aloud to parents or to an audience -- just like storytelling! Reading aloud improves bonding with your child and helps them strengthen skills in writing, listening, and creativity; building blocks for a child’s success. Not sure which books to pick? Choose from any of our 100 Must-reads for a fun read-aloud session!

Age 0 - 3

Age 4 - 6

Age 7 - 9

Age 10 - 12