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Are We Still Friends?

By : Ruth Horowitz

For Ages:

4 - 6


Picture Books

Beatrice and Abel are the finest of friends. Beatrice raises bees. Abel grows apples. In summer, they gather sticky, sweet honey together, and in fall, they harvest ripe, red fruit. They make a perfect pair in every season, and so do the bees and the trees. Until one spring morning, Abel startles a bee--ZING!--and gets stung. "WHEE HEE HEE!" he cries. But Beatrice hears only the silly sounds and laughs. OUCH! Is their friendship strong and steady enough to weather the stinging words and messy quarrel that stem from misunderstanding?


  • Genre: Picture book
  • Lexile Measure: AD500L
  • ISBN: 9780545645218
  • Age Level: 4 - 6
  • Format: Hardcover