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Bunny Surprise (Scholastic Reader, Level 2: Pet Charms #2)

By : Amy Edgar

For Ages:

5 - 7

In this Level 2 reader series, a magic charm bracelet lets Molly speak to animals! In this book, Molly helps her best friend, Lexie, choose a new pet. Lexie can only pick one. Molly talks to the animals to try to find the perfect pet. But then Lexie meets two adorable bunnies. Can Molly use her charm bracelet to help BOTH bunnies find a home? And is there a magical surprise for Molly in the end? *A real charm bracelet is packed with each book in this magical series!*


  • Genre: Fiction
  • Lexile Measure: 360L
  • ISBN: 9781338045901
  • Age Level: 5 - 7
  • Format: Paperback