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Scholastic Picture Book Award (SPBA)

Janggan The Dragon Kite (2015)

By : Shoba Dewy Chugani

For Ages:

4 - 8


Picture Books

To celebrate the harvest festival, dragon kites, or Janggan, take to the skies. Wira is determined that his family’s Janggan will win the flying competition, until he sees his friend Yoga’s majestic kite. Does Wira’s Janggan still stand a chance? And will the boys’ friendship survive if Yoga’s kite wins?
Set around the cultural festivities of Bali, Janggan Dragon Kite features the story of a young boy who discovers the value of friendship over winning a competition.


  • Genre: Picture book
  • ISBN: 9789810992750
  • Age Level: 4 - 8
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rights: Asia