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Magic Pickle Graphic Novel

By : Scott Morse

For Ages:

13 - 18

Dr. Formaldehyde frees Magic Pickle from his decades-old cryogenic snooze so that Weapon Kosher can fight the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, Dr. F. forgot to tell MP he had been frozen in a lab hidden down below the home of young Jo Jo Wigman. Jo Jo's a feisty little girl who doesn't like flying pickles bursting up through her bedroom floor. But once she goes down to visit the secret lab, she realizes what's at stake--and once she talks to the Magic Pickle, she realizes this guy, er, pickle, is going to need some help saving the world, or at least getting around in it. Jo Jo helps the Magic Pickle track the Brotherhood all around town, saving the day here and there. Their quest ends in--what else? A huge food fight in Jo Jo's school cafeteria!


  • Genre: Fiction
  • Lexile Measure: GN410L
  • ISBN: 9780439879958
  • Age Level: 13 - 18
  • Format: Paperback