Paint The Wind

By : Pam Munoz Ryan

For Ages:

13 - 18

Maya lives like a captive. At Grandmother's house in California, everything is forbidden: friends, fun, even memories. And her life is built on lies: lies Grandmother tells her about her dead mother, lies Maya tells to impress or manipulate. But then she moves to the vast Wyoming wilderness where her mother's family awaits - kind, rugged people who have no tolerance for lies. They challenge Maya to confront the truth about who she is. And a mysterious mustang called Artemisia waits, too. She holds the key to Maya's freedom. But to find it, Maya will have to risk everything, including her life. PRAISE FOR PAINT THE WIND: "A breathtaking horse story in the enduring tradition of Marguerite Henry." -Ann M. Martin "Readers will learn much about horses, and even those who know nothing about them will cheer as Maya learns to walk, jog, lope and gallop." -Kirkus Reviews "There's lots of adventure here (both human and equine), and the pace never lags for an instant." -Booklist A sheltered girl. A wild horse. An unforgettable journey.


  • Genre: Fiction
  • ISBN: 9780545101769
  • Age Level: 13 - 18
  • Format: Mass Market