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Press Start! #6: The Super Side-Quest Test!

By : Thomas Flintham

For Ages:

5 - 7

"Super Rabbit Boy is put to the test in the most exciting quest yet! King Viking has a new giant robot to help him take over Animal Town. Super Rabbit Boy must stop him, but he needs a secret item. And to get the item, he has to defeat a dragon, escape a dungeon, and avoid lots and lots of robots. Can Super Rabbit Boy finish all these quests in time to save Animal Town? Or will this latest Press Start! adventure put our hero to the test? (Sugesstion 1: This latest Press Stsrt! adventure certainly puts our hero to the test) With full-color art by Thomas Flintham!"


  • Genre: Chapter book
  • ISBN: 9781338239799
  • Age Level: 5 - 7
  • Format: Hardcover