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Warriors: The Greatest Fighters in History

By : Sean Callery

For Ages:

10 - 14

WARRIORS is a feast of cool visuals--you'll see a wealth of objects and artifacts that will leave you wide-eyed. Explore collections of weapons, armor, uniforms, medals, everyday equipment, and much more. Find out what these objects can show us about battle tactics, key moments in history, and life as a soldier.

Meet the most famous warriors of all time. What weapons did ancient Spartan warriors use? How heavy was a knight's armor? What equipment did Civil War
soldiers rely on? Who were the first warriors to take to the skies? What hi-tech kit gives today's pilots the edge?

WARRIRORS use hundreds of images along with fact-packed infographics and expert text to
present important and unique information that holds kids' attention and appeals to their desire to collect amazing facts.


  • Genre: Non Fiction
  • Lexile Measure: 1030L
  • ISBN: 9780545851848
  • Age Level: 10 - 14
  • Format: Paperback