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Scholastic Spelling Bee Junior 2019 (Northeast)

  • Date: 2019-07-27 08:00:00
  • Address: Inpawa Hotel, KhonKaen
  • Location: Thailand

What is the best way for students to show off their success with Scholastic Early English? SCHOLASTIC SPELLING BEE JUNIOR 2019 (Northeast) is a stage where students from Scholastic Early English program can show off their English talents through SPELLING! The first SCHOLASTIC SPELLING BEE JUNIOR was held in Bangkok in 2018 and it was a big success with over 150 bees participating. This year, thank to one of our school partners, Karuna Suksa School in Kon Kaen, Dr. Saroshin Suwisut saw an opportunity for students in north-eastern part of Thailand to demonstrate how well their English has improved over years of learning and partnered with Scholastic as a host for SCHOLASTIC SPELLING BEE JUNIOR 2019 (Northeast) Over 300 bees from both rounds, kindergarten and elementary rounded up on a single stage doing their best spelling words and at the same time trying to overcome fear and nervousness. However, there can only be one champion of today’s competition, but in the eyes of the parents looking at their children walking down the stage, there is no disappointment, only proud.