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Learn At Home For Asia

In view of embracing the global new norm for home learning due to the pandemic, Scholastic continues to support your child by providing free access to our educational resources in order to keep them engaged in meaningful reading and learning.

NEW! Resources
NEW! Resources

Korea Resources Zone
Korea Resources Zone

Age 3 – 6
(Pre-K to Kindergarten)
Age 3 – 6 <br>(Pre-K to Kindergarten)

Build and foster strong foundational reading skills for early learners

Age 5 – 8
(Kindergarten to Grade 2)
Age 5 – 8<br>(Kindergarten to Grade 2)

Build vocabulary retention and learn through stories of varying themes and formats

Age 7 – 9
(Grade 1 to Grade 3)
Age 7 – 9<br>(Grade 1 to Grade 3)

Build reading interest and stamina through illustrated content that guide comprehension

Home Learning Tips with your child

Set a daily routine learning time, guide them with patience and remember to give praises & encouragement!