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Scholastic Literacy Pro

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Empowering a new generation of successful readers.

For Ages:

8 & Above


G2 & Above

The most trusted online programs to assess, inform and develop your students’ independent reading and to help them achieve reading and learning success.

About Literacy Pro

Literacy Pro is a research-based, blended literacy program supporting your schools’ literacy goals. It is individualized to encourage students to read texts matched to their abilities, allowing them to gain valuable reading practice and build comprehension skills. 



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Key Features of Literacy Pro

  • Uses adaptive technology with accurate & easy assessment to determine student's reading level
  • Assesses student proficiency in 10 critical reading comprehension skills, making them independent readers
  • Motivates student to read with personalized reading lists that matches with their reading ability and interests  
  • Correlates to the Global English language Learners Proficiency benchmark
  • Engages & evaluates students understanding with after-reading book quizzes
  • Provides meaningful data & immediate actionable reports to grow independent readers
  • Keeps parents updated with their child's reading progress with Parent Zone


How Does Literacy Pro Work?


The Lexile Framework for Reading


Developed based on 30 years of research, the Lexile measures are global standard in reading assessments and accurate for all ages, including first and second language learners.

The Lexile (L) data in Literacy Pro measures two critical aspects relevant to reading comprehension development: 

  • Reading Ability (Level) - refers to students' reading level in Lexile, which student received from Lit Pro Test
  • Text Complexity – refers to the level of difficulty of reading materials in Lexile such as books




With LitPro Comprehension Skills Test (LPCST), teachers can understand students' reading proficiency and progress in critical reading comprehension skills at each grade. LPCST also helps determine how best to help each students to advance towards reading success.



Analyze student data and monitor their progress with the Lexile Reading Proficiency Benchmark for better learning outcomes.



Motivate progress and create successful readers with reading lists that highlight book recommendations, popular reads and titles that interest them.



Tutorial Videos


Get started with the student's tutorial video and learn the benefits of Literacy Pro!



Discover how Literacy Pro works and empower your students to becoming a successful independent reader. 


  • GESS Education Awards 2018 Winner
  • EDDIE Awards 2018 Winner
  • 24th Annual BESSIE Awards Winner
  • Bett Awards 2018 Finalist