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Scholastic Literacy Pro

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Creating a new generation of successful readers.

For Ages:

8 - 18

The most trusted online programs to assess, inform and develop your students’ independent reading and to help them achieve reading and learning success.

Empower Your Students Reading Success

Literacy Pro is a research-based, blended literacy program supporting your schools’ literacy goals. It is individualized to encourage students to read texts matched to their abilities, allowing them to gain valuable reading practice and build comprehension skills. 


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The Literacy Pro Path to Creating Successful Readers

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Make Test Meaningful and Actionable

Literacy Pro assesses students’ reading comprehension through the Lit Pro Test. It determines their Lexile Reading Measure by using authentic passages from fiction and non-fictions texts. The program is adaptive – a student starts the test on an average Lexile item for their year level. If a student answers a question correctly, he/she is given a more challenging question. If the student answers the question incorrectly, a question at a lower Lexile is posed. After approximately 26 to 36 questions, the student’s reading level in Lexile will be determined. Teachers can also easily assign the LitPro Test to be taken periodically to track students' progress.


LitPro Comprehension Skill Test (LPCST)

The LitPro Comprehension Skills Test provides the means to understand and assess students’ proficiency and progress in critical reading comprehension skills at each grade in a set of 3 test with these 10 critical reading skills:

  • Understanding text structures and organizational patterns
  • Predicting
  • Identifying main ideas and key details
  • Identifying sequence of events
  • Inferring
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Summarizing and synthesizing
  • Literary devices
  • Author’s craft
  • Identifying viewpoints and arguments


Suitable for grades 3-8 (Lexile 30L – 950L)


Access Powerful Data and Reports

Gather information and insights to better understand student needs and facilitate reading development with Lexile Reading Proficiency Benchmark. This provides the benchmark against which teachers can evaluate the Lexile scores of their students, to determine if they are reading on-grade level, above or below.



Evaluate and Compare Students Performance


Motivate Progress with the Right Books

Individualized reading plans motivate students to read more and improve their performance as you track their progress.


Creating Successful Readers with Different Reading Ability

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