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Scholastic Literacy Pro Library

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Transform Students into Confident Readers in School & at Home

For Ages:

8 & Above


G2 & Above

Literacy Pro Library makes it easy for teachers to match students with eBooks at their reading level. It is enhanced with features and resources at point of use that enable teachers to implement literacy instruction and independent reading.

About Literacy Pro Library

Get unlimited access to over 2000 high quality and engaging fiction and nonfiction content at home, school or wherever you and your students are.

Ranging in Lexile from Beginning Reader to 1700L, encourage even reluctant readers to read with stories on High interest-low reading level books (Hi-Lo), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), STEM books, world culture stories and many more!


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Key Features of Literacy Pro Library:

  • Motivates reluctant readers to read with Hi-Lo books that offers highly engaging age-appropriate topics, targeted at their reading level
  • Empowers every student to ready proficiently with scaffolded independent reading practice with Read & Think
  • Engages and deepen comprehension with Interactive Read-Alouds
  • Clickable definitions of words build vocabulary and an audio recorder that allows students to practice fluency
  • Enhances readers' comprehension skills through book quizzes from Literacy Pro
  • Real-time reports to track students reading progress

Transform Students into Confident Readers

Reading Level Appropriate Books

  • Maximize reading achievements with books that match students’ targeted reading levels
  • Browse collections of leveled fiction and nonfiction eBooks curated by interest and themes like Mystery, Space, and more
  • Regular updates of trending topics such as social-emotional learning that keeps them learning the topics of everyday life.

  • Find the best titles for every student using search filters such as age range, Lexile measure, reading skill and more
  • Easily assign eBooks to the whole class or individual students
  • Support a culture of accountable independent reading with seamless access to book quizzes in Literacy Pro


Strengthen Independent Reading Skills

  • The Read & Think scaffolds support students to read with deep comprehension and assist student hit their reading stride and diversity.​
  • Read & Think feature enables students to process information, connect, correlate and develop a deeper understanding of the texts.​
  • Empowers every reader to read proficiently as an independent​ reader and provide models and support for good reading behaviors
  • Integrated comprehension quizzes with a Scholastic Literacy Pro subscription support an accountable independent reading experience


Build Reading Skills​

  • Master pronunciation with Read-Aloud​
  • Voice Recorder allows students to practice fluency​​
  • Write Notes to share thoughts and improve writing skills
  • Improve vocabulary with built-in dictionary


The Interactive Read-Aloud Experience

Literacy Pro Library's Interactive Read-Aloud feature provides teachers with rich resources for an engaging and interactive read-aloud experience with minimal preparation. 

  • More than 100 specially selected fiction and nonfiction e-books across 10 themes
  • Lesson plans and downloadable worksheets for each book
  • Read-aloud function aids fluency for younger and beginning readers


Classroom Setting


Remote Setting


Learn with Meaningful Classroom Interactions

  • Efficient communication with instant alerts and notifications
  • Encourage proactive learning by providing immediate feedback


Teachers receive an alert when a student submits a note or audio recording​.


They can reply directly to student notes or recordings​.


Tutorial Videos


Motivate and excite children to read the right books for their reading level and interests! Learn how with this tutorial.



Learn how Literacy Pro Library makes it easy for teachers to transform students into confident readers in school or at home.