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Bridge the gap with Branches, Scholastic's line of early chapter books!!



Scholastic proudly presents Branches–a unique line of books specifically designed for newly independent readers aged 5-8 who are ready to make the exciting leap from leveled readers, but not quite prepared for a traditional chapter book. Branches books help boost reading confidence and stamina with easy to-read text, high-interest content and illustrations on every page. 


Key Features

  • Easy-to-read text
  • Simple plotlines
  • Plenty of context clues
  • Purposeful illustrations that aid reading comprehension


Why Do Kids Like BRANCHES?


Kids like reading Branches series because these books:

  • Contain humorous stories
  • Feature strong, fast-paced plotlines
  • Invite readers to solve problems along with the characters
  • Engage kids so they feel successful in reading an entire chapter book
  • Present familiar characters that they come to know and like
  • Feature artwork on every page, some with eyecatching visual features such as speech bubbles
  • Are books they can recommend to their friends



Why Do Educators Like BRANCHES?

Educators like using Branches series because these books:

  • Encourage students to utilize different reading strategies—such as context clues—to determine unfamiliar words
  • Help readers integrate meaning, syntax, and phonics easily
  • Provide accessible language and vocabulary
  • Have high-interest storylines
  • Feature relatable characters and situations
  • Are formatted with readable sentence structures
  • Display a variety of engaging formats, like diary entries, comic panels, traditional text, and more
  • Help to improve comprehension