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Guided Reading Short Read Plus

Category: Learning Resources

Innovative and comprehensive solution for establishing guided reading program.

For Ages:

7 - 12


1 - 6

About Guided Reading Short Read Plus

A unique, research-based solution for Levels 1-6, giving students access to short, interesting, developmentally appropriate fiction and non-fiction texts for deep reading and deep comprehension, accompanied by writing activities and comprehensive teacher-support materials.

Why Us?

  • Brings the best selection of short fiction texts to engage readers in fiction and non-fiction.
  • Provides access to various themes and perspectives through compelling short texts covering a wide variety of topics and themes.
  • Promotes close reading of fiction and non-fiction genres, leading to understanding of plot and structure, purpose and key ideas.
  • Texts are thematically aligned to the Cambridge English Qualification and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


  • supplementary program and implementation is entirely flexible - teachers could use some or all cards, and do some/all activities, teachers can assign some of the writing as homework to reduce in-class time.
  • Each level comprises of student book, activity book, reading journal & teachers guide.

Correlates with Deep Reading

Deep reading is a close reading where it is a reading strategy that allows readers to read a text deeply.

How does it work with Guided Reading?

What is the purpose of Deep Reading?

To build deep, critical understanding of the text:

  • Meaning of the text
  • Author’s purpose
  • Language choices
  • Text features
  • Text structure / organization

Importance & Benefits

  • Students learn to comprehend text, analyze, synthesize and critically examine information.


  • Extensive research reveals close reading improves proficiency for struggling and advance readers.
  • Develop critical thinking skills, particularly higher-order thinking skills.