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PR1ME Mathematics

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For Ages:

7 - 12


1 - 6

Developed following Singapore’s Mathematics Curriculum Framework and the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum, PR1ME Mathematics combines research based methodology with 21st century skill development that connects mathematical concepts to the real world.

Introduction to PR1ME Mathematics​

Benefits of PR1ME Mathematics Digital Components ​ ​

About PR1ME Mathematics

Proven to be the world’s best practice of teaching mathematics from Singapore, Hong Kong and Republic of South Korea, PR1ME Mathematics is an innovative, robust, and comprehensive mathematics curriculum that teaches essential concepts while developing skills important for success in the global workforce.

PR1ME Mathematics incorporates the 4C’s: CRITICAL THINKING, COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION, and CREATIVITY to build a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics. Its unique lesson structure introduces a fifth C: CONFIDENCE, which keeps students and teachers motivated to learn, teach and challenge themselves to grow.

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How PR1ME Mathematics Works

Based on Proven Pedagogy Used by the Global Top Performers

  • Following Singapore’s Mathematics Curriculum Framework and the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum,
  • Incorporates best teaching and learning practices from the consistent global top performers in international studies such as TIMSS and PISA: Singapore, Hong Kong and the Republic of South Korea.
  • Supports learning to mastery of all students with a pedagogical framework and instructional design based on proven teaching and learning practices
  • Integrates assessment for learning so that every child can succeed
  • Offers a comprehensive, accessible suite of teaching and learning resources for flexibility in planning and instruction, and learning


Creates a powerful environment for premier instruction and performance leading to mathematical success

Learning experiences designed on the Readiness-Engagement-Mastery model

The instructional design of each chapter comprises learning experiences that consistently involve three phases of learning: Readiness, Engagement, and Mastery so that teaching and learning mathematics is effective, measurable and diagnostic.

Teaching Mathematics via 21st century skills


Develop Critical Thinking & Flexibility via the Problem-Solving Process

The PR1ME Mathematics teaches students how to understand a problem, plan what to do, answer the question, check their work, and find alternate ways to solve the problem. Through this approach, students are able to solve increasingly complex problems.


The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract method is a systematic approach requiring students to think critically about the best representation to use when solving new problem.


Build Understanding & Comprehension through Teamwork

Inspires students to work together through collaborative discussions to solve problems. Collaboration requires students to be flexible and open to new ideas, exposing them to various problem-solving strategies.


Develop Metacognition & Effective Expression of Ideas

Encourage students to describe and reflect upon their problem-solving approaches which develops an awareness of their own thought processes. The metacognition enables them to monitor, direct and communicate their mathematical thinking and become proficient problem solvers.


Improve Understanding & Mastery through Creative Thinking

  • Cultivates students’ creativity with opportunities to create their own mathematical problems, brainstorm solutions, and think outside of the box.
  • Students practice to solve problems using different problem-solving techniques in various situations both familiar and non-routine, evaluate and apply new ideas, while developing a deeper understanding of the concepts.


Provide a focused and coherent curriculum based on learning progression principles

PR1ME Mathematics has a focused and coherent content framework and developmental continuum in which higher concepts and skills are built upon the more foundational ones.

The framework stresses on

  • conceptual understanding
  • skills proficiency
  • mathematical processes
  • Metacognition
  • Attitudes
  • 21st century competencies.

This spiral approach is expressed as four Learning Progression Principles that are a composite of the successful practices of the top performing nations.

Increase Student Confidence with Powerful Instructional Design

  • Nurture students to be confident problem solvers with the Understand-Plan-Answer-Check+ (UPAC+) method, the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) representations, and the all-new Digital Practice and Assessment Hub.

Equipped with Comprehensive, Accessible Suite of Teaching & Learning Resources

  • Integrating formative and summative assessments with instruction for effective teaching and independent learning.
  • Meaningful insight with high-value learning analytics help teachers easily find learning gaps and gains.

Program Components

PR1ME Mathematics offers a complete mathematics solution with customized professional development and is completely aligned to the Cambridge curriculum. Its program flexibility and additional resources allow for adaptability to align to other curriculums: IB PYP, MYP, CC, and more!

  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Classroom posters
  • PR1ME Professional Learning Now!
  • Digital Teaching Hub
  • Digital Practice & Assessment Hub
  • Student Materials

Sample Pages


Coursebook 1A, page 2-3

Practice Book

Practice Book 1A, page 12-13

Teachers’ Guide

Teachers' Guide 1, Chapter 1, page 4-5