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Scholastic Forward Phonics

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For Ages:

4 - 7


K - 1

An instructional Phonics program that leads new readers to connect Sounds to Letters, Letters to Life.

About Scholastic Forward Phonics

Forward Phonics teaches children how to read and spell in a systematic way by connecting sounds (phonemes) to letters (graphemes) and letters to life with practice and reading through meaningful texts.

This ultimate solution pack provides 30 lively songs and 70 chants to make learning engaging across all stages – Stage 1, 2 and 3.

Why Scholastic Forward Phonics?

Good phonics books carry a story, pre-reading discussion and prediction, introduction of new vocabulary and a good picture-to text match with comprehension. All these key areas are addressed and explored in Forward Phonics.

Learn better with audio


With just-right pacing and accurate articulation, the listening activities and support in this program provide guidance to teachers and parents for better learning optimization.


Discover 3 different ways to read in achieving reading fluency with the extensive audio support, teachers and parents are guided to support children’s language proficiency.

Your Go-to Phonics Solution

Develop confident readers by building a strong reading foundation with progressive learning

Forward Phonics allows children to develop and practice their phonics knowledge with 8 basic sounds by reading books that only include the sounds that they have learnt. In this way, children can practise their growing phonic knowledge by reading books and decoding words they know.

With 8 basic sounds, all words are easily decoded and comprehended if the child knows the sounds. E.g: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d.

Chants and sounds help boost children's language and literacy skills. It helps them develop an ear for language and be able to recognize the sounds in words.


Expand and decode vocabulary knowledge with high-frequency words systematically

This phonics reading program teaches the connections between the 26 letters in written words and the 44 sounds of speech systematically to help accelerate students' reading skills. As they progress through the levels, more sounds and letters are introduced.


Enjoy meaningful stories with fun characters & colorful illustrations

Children form a connection with books when there are characters that resemble them. If they can make self-connections with the character's emotions, attitude, nature, motivation, and behavior along the progression of the story, it allows deeper comprehension of the text.

Follow the adventures of Dan, Nat and Sam together with their family pets and friends whom each child can relate to in their daily life

Clear, colorful illustrations to support the text and storyline and large, well-spaced texts to fully enhance children's visual learning.


Enhance students' reading ability with purposeful activities to reinforce learning

Each stage comes with an activity book that helps a child to consolidate learning of sounds and letters. Answer keys are provided and attached in each activity book across all stages.

Reading Logs enable children to keep track of their progress


Reinforce learning with writing exercises, sounds and letter recognition.


Help to develop a child's reading ability and basic comprehension skills progressively.

Learning Outcomes


Teacher Support

Forward Phonics teachers’ resources provide clear guidelines in supporting teachers to understand and implement teaching plans effectively.


Teacher's Book (Flipbook)

Teachers' book provides detailed instruction on how to teach forward phonics systematically, from learning letters to sounds.




Individual Readers

Precise teaching guidelines are attached at the beginning of each readers make it easier for teachers to navigate during class.


Letter Manipulatives

Downloadable alphabet chart posters and letter cards are made available as a visual aid to engage children in learning.



Scope & Sequence

This program teaches children phonic skills in a sequential way by covering 44 phonemes of English through 70 meaningful stories.


Evaluates a child's progress of mastering phonics and identify learning gaps effectively with structured assessments

Both pre- and post- test for each stage are readily available to check on students' development in English language acquisition, particularly on mastery of phonics. These formal one-to-one assessments help to identify gaps in each child's phonics knowledge.

Pre-Test: To check a child's knowledge in phonics (reading)


Post-Test: To evaluate a child's phonic knowledge and track their progress and understanding. Immediate action to conduct re-assessment can be done once the learning gap is identified.