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Scholastic Light Up

Category: Reading Programs

Scholastic Light Up is a fun and engaging approach to teach English. Designed specially for ages 3 - 6 to develop language skills and confidence.

For Ages:

3 - 6


PreK - K

Give children the best start to their reading adventures.


Scholastic Light Up motivates children by providing visually and orally rich input, and ensuring students use language in fun and meaningful activities. This program aims to support children’s development in three critical areas which are linguistic skills, cognitive skills and multiple intelligences.


Rapidly improves language ability

Makes extensive use of visuals to provide meaningful input. Interactive communication activities offer frequent opportunities for authentic use of language and spatial awareness which is the ability to be aware of oneself in space. It is an organized knowledge of objects in relation to oneself in that given space. It also involves understanding the relationship of these objects when there is a change of position.


Boosts motivation

Motivates students through colorful and engaging materials, including games, songs, chants and animation


Develops Cognitive Skills

Promotes the development of children’s cognitive abilities and creativity, through activities that require application of knowledge, logical and critical thinking.


Provide teachers with a clear and thorough teaching procedure that starts from Warm-up to Practice.



Support teachers and learners with a comprehensive suite of materials to ensure learners can use language in a fun and meaningful way while also developing multiple intelligence, linguistic and cognitive skills.

  • Student Book
  • Workbooks
  • Flash cards
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)
  • Audio & animation