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Scholastic Literacy Pro Earlybird

Category: Digital Programs

For Ages:

6 - 8


K - 2

Give children the best start to their reading adventures.

About Scholastic Literacy Pro Earlybird

Prepare children for their reading adventures with Scholastic Literacy Pro Earlybird, a digital library for early learners, grades K to 2.

With unique Scholastic book series such as Literacy Place for Early Years and Sight Word Tales, Literacy Pro Earlybird will guide children towards the path of independent reading and spark the love of reading at an early age.

Features of Literacy Pro Library include:

✓ More than 280 books perfect for pre-readers and beginning readers

✓ Accompanying audio for all books to guide reading

✓ Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface

✓ Assign feature enables you to give appropriate books to each child

✓ Broad selection of book genres for children to choose based on their interest

Why Do All Literacy Pro Earlybird Books Have Audio?

For young learners who are starting their reading journey, having books read to them benefits them in many ways. All books in Literacy Pro Earlybird has accompanying read aloud audio which helps children to:


  • Enhance their word-recognition ability when listening while following along visually 
  • Expand their vocabulary with accurate pronunciation
  • Strengthen their comprehension skills by delving into more complicated topics and listening to better-quality books than they might find on their own
  • Gain confidence to read aloud 
  • Develop independence with minimal adult intervention


The Literacy Pro Earlybird Experience

Keep Track Of Your Early Reader's Progress

Upon login, users can view the reading progress of the child and see what books are assigned to them by their teachers.

Engage Children With A Wide Variety of Books

Explore the Literacy Pro Earlybird collection by using easy filters and browsing the grouped category.

Teacher Support Available

For educators, teachers can assign books to their students and monitor their individual progress.

Books Available on Literacy Pro Earlybird

Check out the book titles and series on Literacy Pro Earlybird now!

  • Sight Word Tales
  • Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers
  • First Little Readers
  • Nursery Rhyme Readers
  • Literacy Place for Early Years Readers
  • Fiction and nonfiction titles for children aged 4-7