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Scholastic Literacy Pro Family

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Wherever kids read, whenever they read.

For Ages:

4 - 8


K - 2

The Literacy Pro Family reading app is a one-stop solution to fulfilling children’s needs for reading designed with families in mind.

About Scholastic Literacy Pro Family

Designed with urban families in mind, LP Family App is a personalized and fun platform allowing up to 4 family members to enjoy an array of books of their interest and level together, anytime & anywhere!

Features of Literacy Pro Family

  • A personalized reading adventure based on individual child’s pace, level and interest.
  • More than 1,000 safe and appropriate stories with carefully crafted quizzes to encourage and improve reading comprehension.
  • Steg, a virtual reading buddy that accompanies every child’s progress and motivates them to keep reading.

  • Real-time dashboard and guidelines for parents to engage in family discussions and understand child’s progress and achievement.
  • Up to 4 user profiles that can be accessed on multiple devices, online or offline. 

The Literacy Pro Family Experience​

A Personalized Reading Journey

  • Choose from a variety of avatars to best represents the user
  • Get a personalized reading experience based on the child’s reading interest
  • Motivate children to read by assigning books and setting personalized goals
  • Take an assessment quiz to determine a child’s reading level for children aged 6 and above
  • Children aged 6 and below will skip the assessment and Level 1 is automatically awarded 




An Engaging Reading Experience

  • Audio is available to support listening and mastering of pronunciation
  • Speed control for children to adjust to their preferred reading speed/ comfortable pace




Track and gain in-dept insights on children's reading progress

  • After each book, children can participate in an after-book quiz that tests the child’s understanding and comprehension of the story though multiple-choice questions.
  • LP Family breaks down every child’s quiz results thoroughly for parents to understand their child’s reading skills progression
  • Keep track of everything in a single app: what books children are reading, the number of books they’ve read, and how much time spent reading.
  • Understand what are children are enjoying reading and what comprehension issues they have when taking quizzes.




Fun reward and achievements to motivate children to read

  • Reward children with badges for every activity in LP Family - reading books, taking quizzes, or even by logging in everyday!
  • These achievements make the overall reading journey engaging, increases children’s participation and motivates them to read more.