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Scholastic PR1ME English Program

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7 - 13


3 - 8

For the past ten years, SCHOLASTIC has partnered with schools in the Philippines to teach literacy and inspire lifelong readers and learners. We are so thankful for the dedication and work of our partner educators, and we value our partnership. We have learned much from our partnership with our schools and are humbled and proud to present PR1ME English Program based on best practices from reading research globally as well as from our schools here in the Philippines.

What is Scholastic PR1ME English Program?

Scholastic PR1ME English Program is a comprehensive, full-service English literacy program that builds English literacy skills to mastery, beginning with the foundations of reading.

Mapped to the Department of Education ( DepEd) Curriculum, the PR1ME English Program helps Scholastic partner schools and their communities in bringing English learning at every level to mastery through the Circle of Reading Success - Measure, Engage, Instruct and Monitor.

Easy to implement, and supporting teachers and schools in every way with rich teacher resources and customized services, PR1ME English Program is based on a strong body of research and already proven in its efficacy in Philippine schools to deliver improvement in reading ability, student engagement and all round language skills.

Since it first started in the Philippines as the Scholastic Assessment & Enrichment Program for Reading (AEP) 10 years ago, in 2007, PR1ME English Program has provided schools with a powerful blended learning solution that gets students reading (and loving reading!), writing, having meaningful conversations and thinking critically with confidence.

  • It is based on more than 10 years of research in the Philippines as well as global best practices.
  • It provides resources and instructional models that are proven effective in the Philippines, meeting needs as well as goals and desired outcomes.
  • Schools can successfully implement PR1ME English Program in 40 to 60 minute class periods once a week for class sizes that range up to 45 students.
  • Our research in schools in Philippines that implemented this program shows that the more instructional time a school allows for PR1ME English, the greater the gains in reading ability.

A literacy solution that is…CARING!

C - COMPREHENSIVE (A complete reading solution that meets all your reading needs)

A - APPROPRIATE AND EASY TO USE (Developed for the Philippine context, based on 10 years of user feedback, data & research)

R - RELEVANT(Completely aligned to the Philippine Department of Education standards for literacy)

I - IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE (On-going assessments provide reports with detailed analysis and suggested actions)

N G - for the NEW GENERATION (Innovative to appeal to digital native learners and digital migrant teachers)


Scholastic PR1ME English Phonics

A systematic, easy-to-implement program designed to develop confident readers, this comprehensive program is based on a teacher-directed, whole-class learning approach. The program comes complete with books and Teacherís Guide. Each grade comprises 36 lessons per grade.
Key Components:
Phonics Readers for Grade K-1
Phonics Chapter Books for Grade 2
Teacher's Guide with photocopiable worksheets


Scholastic PR1ME English Reading Comprehension Skills

This program is a flexible, easy to use, Lexiled reading comprehension skills development program that provides focused whole class skills instruction and differentiated small group practice, taking into account the different abilities in the classroom, and including an assessment for accurate measurement of learning. Suitable for Grades 3-6.
Key Components:
Unit-based Teacherís Guide
20 copies of Student Card 1 for Focus Lesson
15 copies each of Student Cards 2A and 2B for Differentiated Practice
Answer Keys for the Student Cards
Online/print-based skill-focused assessment
Presentation slides for Focus Lesson and Skill revision


Scholastic PR1ME English Interactive Read Alouds

An interactive read aloud program with everything you need for engaged, excited learners in each grade. It is a flexible, easy-to-use, whole-class solution with age-appropriate books organized by theme with accompanying teaching cards to assist the teacher.
Key Components:
Teacherís Implementation Guide
30 age-appropriate books organized around 10 thematic strands
10 Theme Cards
30 Teaching Cards
Card Holder


Scholastic PR1ME English Guided Reading Short Reads

An easy-to-implement small-group guided reading program suitable for large class sizes, introducing guided reading, and for use in limited time curricula. Suitable for Grades 3-6.
Key Components:
PR1ME Guided Reading Short Reads Teacherís Guide (incorporating Implementation Guide)
10 Guided Reading Units.

Each unit contains:

5 copies of Student Card 1A
5 copies of Student Card 1B