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Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten

Category: Learning Resources

For Ages:

4 - 6


PreK - K

Introduce young learners to mathematical concepts and build a solid foundation for numeracy with PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten, an engaging mathematics program with an inquiry-based approach.

About Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten

Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten is an innovative world-class mathematics program that follows a consistent and structured implementation model which embeds Singapore’s mathematics pedagogy in its instructional design.

The program is based on effective teaching and learning practices of global top performers in Mathematics and focuses on the development of early numeracy and problem-solving skills.

How PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten Works

Learning Mathematics via Problem Solving

Introduce new concepts with hands-on activities throughout the program that are designed to support problem solving. PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten also uses an inquiry-based approach that leads students to explore, investigate, ask questions and find answers.

Each problem solving lesson is built around a story and ends with a problem solving lesson using the Problem Solving Kit. As students engage with the story and encounter mathematical problems, learning is consolidated in meaningful context and conceptual understanding is deepened. The problem solving tasks provide opportunities for students to apply learning and to communicate their thinking.

Opportunity for Development & Communication of Mathematical Thinking

Students are encouraged to communicate their ideas, clarify their thoughts and share their thinking to develop mathematical thinking skills throughout the program.

Learning Mathematics by Doing Mathematics

The authentic mathematical experiences in Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten enable seamless transfer of knowledge from concrete to pictorial to abstract stages called the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, a key instructional strategy advocated in the Singapore approach to mathematics learning.

All learning starts with a concrete experience and gives opportunities to manipulate concrete materials to help students relate mathematics to the real world and understand relationships between numbers and their representations.

Incorporates the Readiness-Engagement-Mastery Model in Instructional Design

Readiness: A 5-minute warm up at the start of each lesson prepares the class for mathematics and builds mathematical fluency.

Engagement: Students are deeply involved in constructing their own learning with ample opportunities to know, use and apply numeracy concepts and skills meaningfully in their daily lessons.

Mastery: Each chapter ends with a one-hour lesson where non-routine problems are presented to consolidate and assess learning for the chapter. Purposeful play via the form of games and individual activities motivates students to practice what they have learned and offers an opportunity for formative assessment.

Formative and Summative Assessment Integrated with Instruction

The Teacher’s Guide provides purposeful questions that allow teachers to check for understanding and assess learning progress throughout the lessons.

Teaching Support


  • Make mathematics fun for your students with PR1ME Mathematics Kindergarten’s comprehensive suite of teaching and learning resources.



  • Clear, teaching-friendly lesson routines that make lesson delivery easy, effective and enjoyable.
  • Teacher resources that provide full support to deliver a well-organized and rigorous program with components available in both printed and digital versions to offer teachers flexibility in preparing and conducting lessons.