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About The Series

Spot On Reading is a 10-book series aimed at developing learners' appreciation for what they read and to hone their comprehension skills. Each book contains 10 stories, all carefully selected based on their Lexile® text measures*, to ensure learners are reading texts suited to their reading abilities. The stories are arranged in increasing difficulty, allowing learners to encounter the easier stories first, to boost their confidence and motivate them to read. The comprehension practices are designed to help learners explore the texts in greater depth.

*Lexile® text measures give an indication of the difficulty of a text based on its features, such as sentence length, word usage, and so on.



  • 10 short stories spanning 150 Lexile® points and arranged in increasing difficulty (overlap of 50L levels between books)
  • Comprehension exercises with literal, inferential, and appliedquestions
  • Educator’s Guide for reading and teaching support that includes:
    • Pre-reading and whilst-reading strategies to encourage engagement with the texts
    • Notes to guide learners through the comprehension practices
    • Answers to the comprehension practices
    • Extension activities to help maintain interest in the texts