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Teaches via problem solving

PR1ME Mathematics teaches via problem solving through the systematic development of problem sets; and by focusing on both aspects of problem solving - the method and the process.

Varied Problem Sets

Students progress through different types of problem sets including word problems, non-routine problems, problem posing tasks and mathematical modeling.

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Develops metacognition and mathematical thinking

PR1ME Mathematics develops metacognition and mathematical thinking in students. Students learn to direct their thought process to become proficient problem solvers.

Think About It

Develops metacognition through mathematical communication, reasoning and justification.

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Is effective, measurable and diagnostic

PR1ME Mathematics develops conceptual mastery and procedural fluency. It enables the teacher and student to evaluate learning and identify areas of remediation if needed.

Develops Deep Conceptual Understanding

The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach enables students to make meaningful connections and makes mathematical understanding deep and long lasting.

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Incorporates professional learning

PR1ME Mathematics enhances teachers' pedagogical content knowledge and provides the support for teachers to deliver high quality lessons.

Comprehensive Coursework Manuals

Comprehensive Coursework Manuals provide an overview of concepts and skills taught in each chapter and detailed lesson notes for each page of the Coursebooks.

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Uses technology to deliver innovative content

PR1ME Mathematics Interactive Edition is a teacher resource for front-of-class teaching, practice and assessment. It allows teachers to use technology to teach and engage the whole class.

Intuitive and Easy-to-use Features

Tools for writing text or drawing diagrams on the pages to further explain the content to students.

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Program Components

PR1ME Mathematics empowers students and teachers with a range of comprehensive program components which include:

Table of Contents

PR1ME Mathematics covers five strands of mathematics across six grades/year levels: Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Algebra. 

Sample Pages

Existing User

The Interactive Edition is a teacher resource for front-of-class teaching, practice and assessment. Download our Interactive Edition to make your teaching more engaging, effective and efficient.

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