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Watch & Learn Library

Category: Digital Programs

The Watch & Learn Library is created specifically for young learners with real footage videos make learning engaging in STEM, social studies, social emotional and English Language Arts (ELA).

For Ages:

3 - 10


K - 4

With over 230 videos, Watch & Learn Library features global curriculum-aligned videos designed to build learning excitement while providing the background knowledge and vocabulary necessary for reading comprehension success for young learners aged 3 – 10 years old.

Learning Starts with Curiosity

Developmentally appropriate, modern, inclusive, and relevant global curriculum-aligned videos featuring real-world footage that is perfect for launching new lessons and meaningful discussions. It is designed to introduce students to content area topics by way of visual engagement and exposure to new vocabulary.

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Learning Benefits

Engaging learners with Content Area Connection

Engaging English learners with a library of hundreds of nonfiction videos to build and expand vocabulary and knowledge in content areas – STEM, social studies, social-emotional and English Language Arts (ELA) topics for deeper understanding.

Watch this sample video about Polar Bear, categorized under "Animals & Plants" in supporting teachers to introduce young learners in a whole-class or small groups by way of visual engagement and exposure to new vocabulary.

Teacher-friendly Resources

Save teachers’ valuable planning time in searching for teaching videos with easy navigation. All videos are carefully selected and age appropriate for viewing as well.

Essential Tools in Building Learning Excitement

Learning with safe and age-appropriate videos that will engage students and inspire learning with real-world footage effectively.